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From Bodahl Mobler in Central Denmark, specialising in furniture from unusual solid rustic oak, old railway sleepers, floor boards, doors etc: where the true character is left bare for all to see - to the stylish Italian design house, Bontempi Casa using specially selected Solid Oak or Walnut from the best sources in Europe and America. Knots and Cracks and colour variations prove the uniqueness of every single tree.
Solid Wood Collection
spider solid oak dining table
Spider Solid Oak dining Table
devina nais reverse dining table solid oak
Devina Nais
solid wood dining table 3 sizes
White wood solid wood dining table
bontempi casa ramos dining table
Bontempi Casa Ramos dining table
bodahl mobler kansas dining group
Bodahl Mobler kansas dining table solid balk oak
devina nais unika book case collection solid wood
Devina Nais